Rotating and Laning Automotive Parts - System Spotlight

In this system spotlight, we feature an automotive part flipper. The rotator device is mounted over the conveyor but the flipping mechanism is lowered to intersect the conveyor surface. We then use a pivoting paddle device to divert the products to a proper lane.

Welcome to System Spotlight, giving you an in-depth look at Shuttleworth’s more advanced product handling systems and conveyor applications. In this video, we will showcase a solution for one of our customers that wanted gentle handling during a process to rotate automotive transmission parts from top to bottom while allowing excess oil to drip into catch pans mounted below the conveyor surface.

Pneumatic cylinders lower the custom flipping device into place. Shuttleworth’s Slip-Torque conveyor was chosen to provide gentle handling as parts travel around a 90-degree turn then gently convey into the arms of the flipping device. Heavy-duty pin stops are used to control traffic, allowing only one part at a time to enter the device.

The part is then rotated. If no rotation is desired, this device is simply left in the up position. Finally, a pneumatic divert arm directs the product into two lanes upon exiting the flipping device. For more information on Shuttleworth capabilities and solutions, please visit our website at