Mass Accumulating and Single Rowing Rolls of Paper - System Spotlight

This system highlights a multitude of solutions we can provide here at Shuttleworth. We designed this system for a customer that wanted to mass accumulate, single row, index and gently handle rolls of paper in preparation for case packing. First, products enter the system in a single lane between two guides. Then, the guides oscillate to distribute the rolls of paper across the width of the accumulation bed to maximize the surface use during accumulation. Shuttleworth’s slip-torque® surface allows the heavy rolls to accumulate while maintaining low back pressure and without scuffing or marking the paper product. At the discharge of the accumulation zone, a gap is pulled using a speed change and press fit rollers within the surface. The product transfers to an adjacent slip-torque conveyor where product is combined to a single lane using guides. We designed this system so that in the event of a product jam, the surface will reverse direction to facilitate more efficient combining within the guides. After the single row, product accumulates and is indexed with the use of a pneumatic side stop.