Jump Belt Replacement & Installation

Jumps belts transmit power horizontally from roller shaft to roller shaft when it is impractical to obtain power directly from the power shaft with the draft belt. Jump belts are normally used to power roller shafts at the bearing and drive locations on Shuttleworth belt drive systems. If the Jump Belt is broken or frayed, it is time to replace the Jump Belt.

First, make sure the equipment is locked out. Second, remove the brushing cover on the side of the conveyor. Pull the cover out from the snaps. Then, pop out the roller shafts coupled with the Jump Belt from the bushing holder. Remove the drive belts from around the pulleys. Step five includes taking off the jump belt from the pulley and replace with a new belt. Re-couple the drive belts to the pulleys. Be sure to the drive belt is around the innermost groove on the pulley, and the jump belt should be on the 2nd or 3rd groove. Push the roller shafts back in place to the bushing holder to tighten the Jump Belt. The cover will snap back into place. Finally remove the lock out / tag out from the system and continue operation.

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