Cleanroom Conveyor System Allows for Efficient Coating and Curing of Headlight Lenses

In 1961, W&M Manufacturing began as a custom metallizing and painting facility for primarily the casket industry. Their sister company, Pier-Mac Plastics was established in 1975 and specialized in injection molding. It wasn’t until 2008 when both companies merged under one, which is known today as Carrera Manufacturing. Since then, Carrera has strategically grown to provide their customers a single-source for molding, finishing and coating needs for plastic products from individual to finished components.

While Carreras main business is still in the casket industry, they continue to flourish in the automotive and lighting industries, specializing in both lenses and reflectors. To help strategically grow this side of the business, they sought Shuttleworth’s expertise to assist in a solution designed to provide gentle transportation of freshly molded headlight lenses throughout both a cleanroom 100 and cleanroom 1000 coating and curing process...

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