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Shuttleworth diverter device automatically divides products from one or two infeed lanes to up to 31 lanes. The simplest diverter can pattern form or divide products sequentially to up to eight lanes while the next generation of Shuttleworth's programmable electronic diverter is designed to perform sequential pattern forming, dividing, and line balancing up to eight lanes using resident intelligence. The only input required are "lane full" or "high limit" sensors.

When a programmable logic controller (PLC) or other external controlling device such as a PC is added, the diverter can route products to up to thirty-one conveyor lanes based on numerous criteria such as height, weight, size, color or bar code label. In this mode, the diverter can intelligently sort products in preparation for packaging or further distribution. The diverter is designed to work with Shuttleworth's Slip-Torque conveyors as well as with other types of conveyors.

From efficiency for your manufacturing process to its accuracy, conveyor systems equipped with a diverter device is the ideal solutions for quick and effective processing. Get your products where they need to go faster with a product diverter device from Shuttleworth.

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