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Shuttleworth offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art electrical control options ranging from unwired simple drive motors and sensors to turnkey electrical control systems. Partial or complete design and software development services are offered depending on customer wants and needs. Shuttleworth's electrical control systems comply with all pertinent international, national, local and industry standards and every effort is made to comply with individual customer electrical specifications including hardware, software structure and wiring practices.

Control systems run the range from standalone micro programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to sophisticated system architecture involving supervisory computers and PLCs with distributed input/output stations. When required, product routing and tracking is accomplished with either bar code or RF identification technology. Higher level control systems can include features such as graphical user interfaces, system diagnostics, alarm monitoring, data collection, and production reporting. Appropriate interfaces can be provided for customer supplied equipment and devices.

Shuttleworth Controls Benefits:

  • State-of-the-art motion controls system
  • Compatible with any servo-driven motor brand
  • Color operator interface with file storage capabilities
  • Touch screen interface
  • Software selectable belt or lug feed option
  • Programmable servo setup to accommodate product variability with offset feature to improve the accuracy of product placement
  • Multiple interface options
  • Overall equipment efficiency (OEE) data capturing and reporting capabilities

And, you can gain peace of mind knowing Shuttleworth control systems go through a rigorous quality control process, ensuring that specialized expertise is applied to each stage of our operation.

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