Pound Cake Filling Automation

The filling process for pound cakes at the Talerico-Martin Bakery was daunting, time consuming, and had many imperfections. Consumer demand for the product was also continuing to rise. This caused a problem for the bakery that needed to be solved. The options were to increase the operations up to 24 hour shifts for the pound cake lines instead of the 8 or 16 hour shifts the bakery currently used, or find a way to help automate the process so that it could be done more efficiently with fewer imperfections. The Talerico-Martin Bakery opted to find a way to help automate the process, reducing the human workforce required to do the job, and reducing the imperfections that cost the company some of their goods. This allowed the company to save money or increase their supply by putting the same amount of pay towards workers over different shifts, thus increasing the supply they had to meet the increase in demand.

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