Easy Clean™ 500

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Shuttleworth's Easy Clean™ 500 frame design has had many iterations over the past 50 years but the purpose remains the same...to offer a non-caustic wash-down stainless steel conveyor design to accommodate the needs of the food, pharmaceutical and general industries.

Constructed with all stainless-steel hardware and enhanced cleaning ability versus our standard aluminum frame, the Easy Clean 500 comes at a reduced cost and lead time compared to Easy Clean 1000 conveyors, but perfect for applications that require the minimized horizontal surfaces without the need for a heavy wash down system.

Easy Clean 500 features a sturdy 304 stainless steel bolted construction with cross members bolted to 12ga side rails. Designed with tented covers over the sprocket drive with quick release knobs to allow easy access to sprocket drive for maintenance or cleaning. Conveyor legs can be formed or structural angle stainless steel with a 1/4" 2B milled finish. Motor and gear boxes are provided with a food grade painted finish with an IP65 rating or better.

Intended to be used in non-sanitary machine design. A raw materials or processing area where food product or ingredients are exposed in an unwrapped state or in direct contact with equipment is not suitable for Easy Clean 500.

Features / Benefits
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Bolted and welded design
  • Versatile industrial design applicable for a variety of environments and applications
  • Stainless Steel construction offers non-caustic or mild detergent wash-down capabilities
  • Wide variety of product and material handling devices and options available
  • Corrosion resistant parts
  • Available Drives

    Chain, Belt

  • Surface

    21 mm, Solid gray rollers are base offering. Full surface stacks.

  • Lengths

    500-3000mm per frame

  • Widths (Conveyable Surface)

    120 mm (4.7”), 188 mm (7.4”), 256 mm (10.1”), 324 mm (12.7"), 392 mm (15.4”), 460 mm (18.1”), 528 mm (20.8”), 596 mm (23.5”), 664 mm (26.1”), 732 mm (28.8”), 800 mm, (31.5”), 868 mm (32.1”), 936 mm (36.8”), 1004 mm (39.5”), & Custom Widths Available

  • Speeds

    Max Speed: 160ft/min (800mm/sec)

  • Corners

    90-Degree (Available widths): 310, 450, 650, 1000, 1500mm

  • Ideal Industries & Applications

    Food and Pharmaceutical, machine tending, industrial & packaging

  • Environment

    Wet, dry, light wash down, Cleanroom Class 100 (belt drive only)

  • Weight Limits

    6 lbs per shaft (Custom options available)

  • Power/Utility Requirements

    Determined by customer. (Available in common voltages; 208-230/460 3 phase @60hz)

  • Cleaning Recommendations

    Mild soap and water only.

  • Lubrication

    Navastane Wet Lube 100, pneumatic or gravity fed.